Contradictions under oath

  1. Robson and Safechuck have sworn under oath that Michael Jackson NEVER did anything inappropriate. Both Robson and Safechuck signed sworn declarations in 1993 to defend Michael Jackson against the Jordan Chandler allegations. Robson testified under oath at Jackson’s 2005 trial defending Michael Jackson. A TV show is a TV show. They are either lying under oath (which is a criminal offence), or they are lying on a TV show (not a criminal offence).

  2. Robson was questioned in detail during Michael Jackson’s criminal trial in 2005 and repeatedly denied any wrongdoing by Michael Jackson despite being pressed about this topic by seasoned prosecutors.

  3. In 2011, Robson was rejected for the lead choreography job in the Michael Jackson themed Cirque du Soleil show. (3.1). It was following this rejection that he realised he had been abused.

  4. Robson has repeatedly changed his story about why he testified in Jackson’s defence in 2005 as an adult. He initially claimed that he didn’t understand at the time that it was abuse (4.1) and had only had this epiphany after undergoing therapy in 2012/13. He later changed his story, saying he had felt sorry for Jackson’s children after seeing them at a dinner at Neverland and had not wanted to be responsible for effectively orphaning them by sending their father to jail (4.2). However, Taj Jackson has confirmed that this dinner took place after Wade had already testified (4.3), thereby debunking yet another of Wade’s stories. Wade later changed his story again and said he had been threatened and bullied by Jackson’s legal team (4.4) into testifying for the defence. 

  5. After losing out on the Cirque Du Soleil job, Wade Robson wrote a book claiming Michael Jackson had abused him and shopped it to multiple publishers, all of whom rejected it. He then filed a creditor’s claim against Jackson’s Estate under seal, followed by a lawsuit against Jackson’s companies. These claims were extensively litigated.
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    (4.2) Story two – Did not want to orphan MJ’s kids – Leaving Neverland. Wade says in the film: “His mind was just in a whole other place. I remember all of us sitting at dinner and Paris, his daughter, just wanting to… wanting her dad’s attention. Kind of like, pulling on his arms and pulling on his fingers and, ‘Daddy, Daddy, Daddy’. And he was… I mean he just wasn’t there. I remember that. Just feeling really sad. What if he loses? What if he goes to jail? You know, and these are the last couple of times that they see their daddy? You know? Which built my conviction even that much more to save him.”
    (4.3) Taj Jackson has confirmed that this dinner took place after Wade had already testified
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