After MJ Passing

  1.  As part of this litigation, Robson was ordered to produce all correspondence between himself and others in which he mentioned his abuse allegations. He claimed he only possessed one piece of correspondence, which was not exempt under attorney-client privilege, which was an email to some family and friends (6.1). The Jackson Estate later learned independently that Robson had been shopping a book to publishers during the period in question and brought this to the attention of the court. This discovery revealed Robson had withheld extensive correspondence about the book, as well as withholding the book itself, all of which would have been material evidence (6.2). 
    (1.1) Details of Robson withholding all evidence of his book and having to be forced to produce it appear in a Superior Court document from February 2, 2017, seeking to ‘compel Wade Robson’s compliance in producing documents’: SOURCE IMAGE 
    (1.2a) In a deposition on December 12, 2016, Robson had denied any publishers had read his book: SOURCE IMAGE
    (1.2b) Yet an email sent by Robson on February 23, 2013, showed him asking about publishers reading the book: SOURCE IMAGE
    (1.2c) That sparked an email chain which, on February 27, 2013, resulted in confirmation that two publishers had read it and a third was reading it: SOURCE IMAGE

  2. These accusations have been made after Michael Jackson passed away. The law does not currently protect the deceased from defamation and, therefore, Robson and Safechuck are free to attack Michael Jackson and make whatever claims they want against him without fear of legal repercussions for defaming him. It also means any media outlet can repeat the allegations without making any attempt to investigate or corroborate them and Jackson’s family and Estate have absolutely no redress. 
  3. Safechuck has also been amending his own sworn statements. He claimed that he first told his mother in 2005 that he was abused, and actually went into some detail about how his mother knew he was abused, as he said “When he (Michael Jackson) called my mother, she pretended that she was not aware of his earlier threatening call or about the abuse” (3.1a). But then later amended his statement claiming that he simply told his mother that Jackson was a “bad man” and that “something had happened”. (3.1b). Another sworn statement amendment. In Leaving Neverland, Safechucks mother mentioned that she danced when she heard of Michael’s death as he could no longer harm children (in 2009). However on Oprah Winfrey’s “After Leaving Neverland” show in 2019 she asked Safechuck “So when did you realize it was abuse? You all use the word freely now as adult men, but when did you start to think of it as abuse?” Safechuck replied with “It wasn’t until Wade came out.” Safechuck saw Wade Robson come out in 2013. Why would Safechucks mother know of abuse in 2009 if it wasnt known as abuse until 2013. More inconsistencies in Safechucks versions.
    (3.1a) In his initial sworn statement on May 2, 2014, he said he knew he had been abused in 2005. SOURCE IMAGE
    (3.1b) On March 12, 2015, Safechuck filed a ‘supplemental’ sworn declaration in which he rewrote the section on his supposed confession to his mother, to erase any mention of the word ‘abuse’. SOURCE IMAGE

  4. After seeing Robson on TV in 2013 discussing his allegations against Michael Jackson, Safechuck hired the same attorneys as Robson and filed copycat claims against the Michael Jackson Estate. Safechuck filed his complaint just weeks after his family’s business (James Safechuck Senior’s) was sued for $1 million.
  5. Robson and Safechuck refuse to say how much money they are demanding from Jackson’s Estate , but legal papers have estimated the figure as being hundreds of millions of dollars. As the Michael Jackson Estate pointed out, they therefore have hundreds of millions of reasons to lie. (5.1)
    (5.1a) In his sworn statement on April 30, 2013, Wade Robson outlines his successful career but says damages will be estimated by experts: SOURCE IMAGE
    (5.1b) In his creditor’s claim, of April 30, 2013, he gives a methodology for calculating compensatory damages, and is seeking punitive damages on top: SOURCE IMAGE

  6. Robson has been caught lying repeatedly during these lawsuits and has concealed evidence not only from the court, but even from his own lawyers. Summary judgment was awarded to the Jackson Estate on the basis that no rational fact-finder could possibly believe Robson’s sworn statement.
  7. Robson has provably lied about several things, including: i) when he learned of the Estate’s existence; ii) the amount he earned from auctioning his MJ memorabilia; and iii) saying he had only discussed his alleged abuse with lawyers when he was actually trying to sell a book about his alleged abuse.
  8. Before suing MJ’s companies, Robson brought a creditor’s claim against the Estate. His claim was three years out of time, so he had to present arguments justifying the lateness. His excuses were, i) I didn’t realise I was abused until years after MJ died; and ii) I didn’t know the Estate existed until 2013. There is definitive evidence that the second argument is bogus. After discovery, where evidence undermining Robson’s story was produced, the Michael Jackson Estate made a request for the case to be dealt with by way of a summary judgment. Summary judgment means a judge makes the decision with no need for a trial or a jury. In a summary judgement, a judge must assume that everything the plaintiff says is true, as long as a ‘rational trier of fact’ could also conclude that it was true. In other words, if there is any chance that a right-minded juror could believe it was true, the judge must assume it to be true. (8.1) But the judge was unable to do so. Definitive evidence showed Robson had not only known about, but had corresponded with, negotiated with and even met with Jackson’s Estate in 2011, two years prior to when he claims to have learned of the Estate’s existence. such, the judge ruled a rational trier of fact could not believe Robson’s account and awarded the summary judgment to the Estate, not to Robson and, as is explained in source (8.2), it is extremely difficult for a defendant moving party to win a motion for summary judgment.
    (8.1) This article explains the ‘rational juror’ standard for summary judgements: 
    (13.2) The difficulty of winning a motion for summary judgment as a defendant.

  9. In his summary judgment on May 26, 2015, Judge Mitchell Beckloff found undisputed facts meant Robson’s story could not be true (9.1) 
    (9.1) SOURCE IMAGE
  10. Safechuck has also lied during his lawsuit. Safechuck says that Jackson’s attorneys and assistant (Evvy Tavasci) phoned him to pressure him to testify in the 2005 criminal trial. Safechuck says he refused. However, testimony regarding Safechuck had been excluded by the judge early on in the proceedings and, as such, he was never called on to testify by the defense. This is also confirmed by Tom Mesereau’s private investigator, Scott Ross (10.1). 
    (10.1) SOURCE IMAGE
  11. Safechuck claims he was abused from 1988 to 1992. In the documentary, he states that one of the places that he was abused was in the upstairs room of the main train station at Neverland (and images of the station are displayed). However, this train station was not constructed until 1994, two years after Safechuck (in his sworn testimony) states the abuse ended. In order to try and “explain” this lie, Dan Reed has claimed that Safechuck was not lying about being abused in a place that quite literally did not exist but that Safechuck got his dates wrong and was still being abused in 1994 and therefore could have been abused in the train station. Not only does this mean that Dan Reed is suggesting that Safechuck has perjured himself but also means that, according to Dan Reed (as opposed to Safechuck himself) Safechuck was being abused at the age of 15/16 (long after the age Dan Reed claims Michael Jackson lost interest in his victims) when he was physically bigger than Michael Jackson and during the period of time that Michael Jackson was being investigated by the authorities in relation to the Jordan Chandler allegations and whilst he was married to Lisa Marie Presley.
  12. In the ‘documentary’, Wade claims that his first abuse started when he was left alone with Michael when his family went to the Grand Canyon. However, in Joy Robson’s deposition in 1993 and 2016, she mentions that her whole family went. Joy had no reason to lie as she was open about Wade being alone with Michael during other times. 
  13. So far four different lawsuits have failed but they continue to pursue their claims and are appealing the dismissal of their lawsuits.
  14. Dan Reed, director of “Leaving Neverland”, has admitted several times that he chose not to interview anyone who could have provided a different take on these stories. He did not want anyone to be able to discredit the story he wanted to tell. He also did not do any investigation to determine the veracity of the claims made by Robson and Safechuck nor does he provide any evidence whatsoever other than the word of two admitted perjurers. It is clear that the intention of this film is to present Michael Jackson as a paedophile without reference to any of the mountains of exculpatory evidence, all of which the Michael Jackson Estate has said it would have been happy to share.
  15. In the “documentary”, Robson suggests that Michael Jackson abused another of his friends, Brett Barnes. Barnes was never provided with an opportunity to participate in this documentary or to comment on the claims made about him. He vehemently denies that he was ever abused by Michael Jackson and to this day maintains that Michael Jackson was one of the best friends he ever had. Brett Barnes’s attorneys have threatened to sue HBO unless they remove all references to Brett Barnes from this documentary. 
  16. Over a period of more than 10 years, Michael Jackson was extensively investigated by numerous agencies including the Los Angeles Police Department, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, the Los Angeles Department for Children and Family Services, the Santa Barbara Police Department, the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office, the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s Office and almost 20 different service areas of the FBI. These investigations included at least three surprise raids on Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, plus raids on those who worked for him (and one illegal raid on his attorney’s private investigator). Jackson was therefore one of the most harassed and scrutinised men in America and yet no agency was ever able to find any evidence whatsoever of wrongdoing. When, after years of lurid tabloid innuendo had completely stained Jackson’s reputation, a prosecutor finally convinced a grand jury to allow a trial, Jackson was unanimously acquitted by an impartial jury on every single charge after they heard all the evidence.

The above doesn’t even scrape the surface of the many inconsistencies, contradictions and outright lies being told about Michael Jackson, all of which are being completely ignored by the media. There is so much more to this story and once the true facts are laid bare, it is clear that the only victim here is Michael Jackson.