In a 2017 interview shot for Leaving Neverland Robson described how he was first abused for 5 days while his family went to the Grand Canyon. But just a few months earlier his mother swore that the whole family, including Wade, left Neverland.

Obviously, both cannot be true at the same time.

Joy Robson’s September 30, 2016 sworn deposition:


Leaving Neverland:

The first one was stated under oath while Joy Robson supported her son’s allegations. Why would she lie about this there when at the same time she had no problem admitting that she left Wade alone with Jackson on other occasions? If she told the truth in 2016 then none of those graphic sex acts Robson alleged could possibly happen as he was simply not with Jackson.

But if Joy lied in 2016 it shows how effortlessly she can lie even under oath and then why should we believe anything she says in Leaving Neverland?

In her 1993 deposition she also said her family went on the Grand Canyon trip, no mention of Wade being left behind, and she also said her son had never been to the ranch without her before 1993.

There Joy had no problem with admitting that she left Wade alone with Jackson either. Admitting that she did that in February 1990 too wouldn’t have made any difference.

In 2005, under oath, Wade Robson corroborated the 1993 and 2016 version of events. He said he remembered only one occasion of him being there without his mother: when other people were there. That would be 1993 when Robson was there along with the Culkins and Chandlers.

Wade Robson’s testimony, May 5, 2005 :

26 A. Yeah. That first time, I think a couple
27 times, sometimes I would stay by myself. Always —
28 I think — sometimes — most of the time my mother
1 and I went to the ranch together. I think once I
2 was there by myself without my mother. There was
3 other people there.

In his 2005 testimony Robson remembered that he stayed in Neverland for a week and his family was there too, with his sister sleeping in the same bed.

22 Q. When do you think you first went to
23 Neverland?
24 A. It was right after that visit. I’m pretty
25 sure it was that night that we went, my whole family

26 went to the ranch. And, you know, we stayed for, I
27 don’t know, about a week or something like that.

He even said that he slept in a bed with Jackson and his sister for a week:

13 Q. And in fact, you continued to sleep with Mr.
14 Jackson through the balance of that week during your 15 seventh year; is that right?
16 A. Yes.
17 Q. 
Was your sister there the entire time during
18 that week as well?
19 A. Yes.

In this 2007 interview, recalling that first trip to Neverland in Feb 1990, he said they stayed on the ranch for a week. No mention of him being left alone. 

It’s possible Wade didn’t remember correctly in 2005 and 2007 where he was or who he was with when he was just 7, after all he was only 7. Which makes his performance in Leaving Neverland even less believable: there he talks like he vividly remembers not only when and where everyone was but what Jackson supposedly told him, quoting him verbatim, how he felt, how Jackson supposedly cried, and how he felt about that, what was in the room, what position he was in during the “abuse”, where Jackson touched him even how Jackson’s hair felt.

But his 2012 emails reveal that he actually remembered very little about that first visit and had to interrogate his mother for the details. 

In an exchange on July 23 , 2012 Robson asked her mother about a book she was writing because he wanted to learn the details of how “stuff went down in the past.” Joy responded that she had several versions and will let him know if she thinks it’s something that can benefit him.

Then Robson asked her how long he stayed with Jackson before the rest of the family returned from the Grand Canyon.

In an email on Sept 12, 2012 Robson asked, among many other questions,

How did it happen that I ended up staying with Michael and you guys went to the grand canyon?
How did that decision get made?
Can you explain all that you remember of that first night at Neverland?

What happened when we drove in, what did we do?
And that first weekend at Neverland?

In another email on Oct 4, 2012 he asked his mother what they were doing after returning from the RV trip

But in Leaving Neverland he presents all these as his independent memories, no sign that he had to ask for the details. Is it believable that he remembers so many of his precise thoughts and feelings, Jackson’s complete statements, where Jackson’s hand was, how the parents had no direct access to him and how many days he had ahead of him being alone with Jackson?

Then he goes into even greater details about what they were doing during the day and how exactly he was molested at nights.
50 very specific details from a man who in 2012 didn’t remember at all what they did during that first weekend and who in 2005 incorrectly remembered his sister sleeping in the same bed with him during the very nights he now claimed all these happened:

1.The days were filled with playing tag ,
2. watching movies,
3. he taught me how to do the Moonwalk.

4. We were going to sleep in his bed.
5. The first thing I remember Michael moving his hand across my legs,

6. we’re both clothed in PJs
7. and then his hand got to, you know, my crotch area.
8. Fondling my penis over the top of my pants.
9. And then his hands went underneath my pants
10. and started touching my penis underneath my pants.
11. There was nothing aggressive about it nothing abrasive
12. I never felt scared, anything like that.
13. It just didn’t seemed that strange.
14. And then him guiding me to do the same thing with him.
15. So moving my hands to touch his penis which was, you know, erect.
16. Him talking to me “you and I were brought together by God.
17. We were meant to be together
18. And this is us showing each other that we love each other.
19. This is how we show our love.
20. It escalated rapidly.
21. So taking showers together
22. and fondling and kissing so him kissing me,
23. I mean like full open mouth tongue in mouth kissing.
24. He would put my fingers on his nipples
25. and tell me to squeeze them
26. He would moan and react to that like it felt good
27. I liked the feeling that was making him happy that was pleasing him
28. And then Michael pulling my pants and my underwear down, pulling them off
29. and going down and starting to perform oral sex on me.
30. And I remember him putting my hands on his head when he was down there
31. I’ll not forget the feeling of his hair,
32. almost like a brillo pad, this roughness”

33. It quickly turn to having me perform oral sex on him too.
34. He didn’t ejaculate when he had me perform oral sex on him
35. but he would masturbate in front of me.
36. He would have me go to the far corner of the bed
37. so he would be laying back on a pillow

38. and have me go to the far corner of the bed
39. and be on all fours and have me just bend over
40. so he could look at my anus while he was masturbating
41. and I was just kind of on display
42. and then periodically he would come up and stick his tongue in my anus.
43. Right in front of me there was this big kind of elaborate Peter Pan cardboard cut out
44. so I was either looking back at him masturbating or looking forward at Peter Pan.
45. And then we get up in the morning like nothing had every happened
46. and go have another day filled with childhood magical games and adventures.”
47. When my parents came back at the end of the week I definitely remember a feeling of us and them.

48. Our relationship has evolved in so many ways
49. and he had done so much talking to me about not trusting people, any people. Especially women.

50. He started calling me son.

Can you remember complex sentences anyone told you when you were seven? Or complex feelings Robson claims to remember here?

In September 2009 in an interview with Dance Magazine Robson described his experience of learning the moonwalk. Was he fabricating these details too or he told the truth and then we should believe his mind was on the moonwalk all night after being brutally molested?

“I remember the first time he taught me the moonwalk at the dance studio at Neverland. I was 7, I think. I remember standing at the ballet barre and him teaching me to push back one foot at a time, teaching me the weight distribution on the balls of the feet. “Now just go, push off, and fly!” he said. That night I couldn’t sleep. I had to get up every 15 minutes and do it again.”

How much we can trust Robson’s memory when what Jackson supposedly told him after the first alleged abuse was different in his complaint and in Leaving Neverland?

In his complain there is no mention of God bringing them together or them being meant to be together. And in Leaving Neverland there is no mention of people being ignorant and therefore not understanding this is how they show their love to each other. Notice all these are between quotes.

In 2005 Joy Robson testified that during that first weekend they talked about Wade going with Jackson to Japan. The prosecutor tried to make it look like Jackson didn’t want to go to Japan but rather spend time with Wade. But Joy said it was Wade who wanted to stay in Neverland.

23 Q. Okay. Now, during that first visit, the
24 first weekend that you were at the ranch, did the

25 subject of your son going on a trip to Japan come
26 up?
27 A. Yes.
28 Q. So this would have been on the first day or
1 the second day?
2 A. I don’t recall, I’m sorry.
3 Q. One of those two days, in any case?
4 A. Possibly.
5 Q. And the subject of the conversation was that
6 you had agreed to allow your son to accompany Mr.

7 Jackson on a trip to Japan if they wanted to go,
8 correct?
9 A. I think we talked about it.
10 Q. Well, did you agree to allow him to go with
11 Mr. Jackson on a trip to Japan?
12 A. I can’t remember really. I think I may
13 have, but we decided not to.
14 Q. Mr. Jackson decided he would rather spend
15 time with your son than go to Japan?
16 A. I think the decision was Wade preferred to
17 stay here. Stay at Neverland.
18 Q. So it wasn’t Mr. Jackson’s decision. It was
19 Wade’s decision?
20 A. 
It was Wade’s decision.

15 Q. Having read that, does that refresh your
16 recollection as to whose idea it was to cancel the

17 trip to Japan?
18 A. Well, it says that Wade was given the
19 choice, and Wade preferred to stay at Neverland.

20 Q. It says, “After the first weekend that we
21 were there, he cancelled the trip because he wanted

22 to stay and spend some time with us,” does it not?
23 A. If you read further down.
24 Q. Yeah, it says, “But he asked to go on this
25 trip with your son,” and “I offered to let Wade go
26 with him”?

27 A. Further.
28 Q. Do you want me to read the whole thing?
1 A. No, just a couple, few more lines.
2 Q. It doesn’t get any better.
3 A. Just a few more lines. It will say exactly
4 what I said.
5 Q. And then Wade had a choice of going to Japan

6 or staying at Neverland, and he chose to stay?
7 A. Yeah. That’s what I said, Wade was given
8 the choice. And he decided to stay at Neverland.
9 Q. But it was the defendant’s choice not to go
10 to Japan, as you testified.
11 A. He had a business trip and he cancelled it,
12 and because Wade decided to stay at Neverland, but
13 it was Wade’s choice.

There is no mention of the canceled trip to Japan in Leaving Neverland. Joy’s testimony shows that if Robson did stay in Neverland it was because he wanted to and Jackson did whatever the Robsons wished to do. In the film Joy Robson mentioned Los Angeles not Japan as a possible place to go.

“I remember going Michael’s room to talk about it and he said to Wade we can stay here, we can go to Los Angeles we can go whereever you want do whatever you want. Wade wanted to stay at Neverland.”

Of course Jackson simply trying to be kind and do whatever the Robsons wanted would not be consistent with the predatory image they wanted to sell. So to convince the viewer that Jackson manipulated Robson into staying with him he added a scene to his story: that Jackson was upset and crying and telling Wade he didn’t want to be alone and he didn’t want them to leave. He never mentioned this in his petition, complaints, declaration, the 2018 Inside Edition interview or the 2013 Today show interview let alone at any time before.

Here Robson pretends to remember 8 more intricate details:

1. how he fell asleep and woke up
2. that he heard Jackson crying
3. that he saw a figure in the corner scrunched up
4. that it was hard for Jackson to get words out
5. that Jackson said “I’m just so sad that you guys are going to leave me . I don’t want to be alone I don’t want you guys to leave”
6. that he felt the same way
7. that he felt a burden and guilt and thought “If I leave like what’s going to happen to him”
8. that Jackson was so upset

Which begs the questions:

1. Is that really how a seven year old would think? Feel a “burden and guilt”?

2. Did Robson really think that Michael Jackson as busy as he was and as many people he knew somehow would not know what to do if he, Wade Robson of all people, is not around him?

Robson’s current version that Jackson manipulated him to stay in Neverland and his entire family left is not corroborate by any testimony by employees who worked in Neverland at that time. Not even hostile employees like Mark Quindoy or Blanca Francia said that they saw the boy alone in Neverland for 5 days.
And in Leaving Neverland they don’t show any photo or video of the Robson family at the Grand Canyon even though the film has many such family photos and videos from other locations. They only use a stock footage to illustrate the Grand Canyon trip.

Is it plausible that they go to the Grand Canyon and don’t take any photos there? Or is it possible the only photos they have also show Robson there, which of course would ruin the current version of their story?

In Leaving Neverland Joy Robson serves us another implausible story in and one she never mentioned before:

“I somewhat regretted it as we were traveling. I became a little anxious, at times, about it. And I remember calling once, and I couldn’t get through. I remember being absolutely hysterical on the phone at one point because I couldn’t get through, and I couldn’t find him.”

Is it believable that neither Joy Robson, nor Dennis Robson nor the grandparents thought about making sure they had a phone number they can call any time and reach Jackson while their son/grandson was on his ranch? Why doesn’t Joy explain why she “couldn’t get through”? What does that mean exactly?

They also felt the need to add this comment to Joy’s original interview:

I actually didn’t have a problem with it at the time. I didn’t actually have a hesitation.”

It was a staged reshoot. Given that not only her hair but the outline of her face also changed and she doesn’t look as slim as in the rest of the film chances are this scene was shot months if not more later. She wore the same clothes and sat on the same furniture to fool the viewer that all this was continuous and spontaneous when in fact it was staged and deceptively edited: Joy Robson version 2 actually appears before Joy Robson version 1.